The Lenasia Church of the Nazarene is involved in the following community projects. These projects are fully funded by the church and are dependent on donations and sponsorships received from the congregation as well as outside assistance from individuals and corporates.

The HIV AIDS Feeding Programme
Spreading GODs Love

Every Wednesday evening a few members of the congregation gather at one of the cell group meetings in Lenasia South where they make sandwiches. These sandwiches are then taken the next day to a state hospital in the area where HIV AIDS patience receive their medication. The medication works best after a meal. The patience are very appreciative of the sandwiches and we believe it goes a long way towards spreading Gods love with no strings attached.

The Neolyn Memorial Wayside Sunday School
From Tragedy to Hope.

A young father, his wife and their 3 year old son who were members of the church were the victims of a tragic vehicle accident in which they lost their lives. This unbelievably heart wrenching event, was the motivating factor that resulted in the parents of the young father who are also members of the church to begin a wayside sunday school in memory of their grandson Neolyn.

The Neolyn Memorial Sunday School is held every Sunday afternoon at the Sharicrest Primary School in Extension 10, Lenasia. It caters for approximately 80 children who come predominantly from the informal settlement in the area. The children are taught a bible lesson, and are treated to a meal which consists of some juice and a sandwich. For some of the children, this is their only meal for the day. The children are also given any donations such as shoes and clothing that the church receives from donors. The church also supplys the meal that is given to the children.

More than supplying a need in the community, more then offering a group of youngsters in a desititute environment a little hope, The Neolyn Memorial Sunday School provides an opportunity to show Gods love. The love that Jesus has shown us by giving His life for us on the cross, is not only the gift of salvation to us as believers, but is also a gift that we must share with everyone.

The Holiday Bible Club
Uplifting The Community.

Every year, the Church hosts a Holiday Bible Club for 5 days. This happens during the mid year winter school holidays. The Sharicrest and Greyville Primary Schools in Lenasia are gracious enough to allow us the use of their premises for the five days. We cater for roughly 1000 – 1800 children on a daily basis. The children who attend are mainly from the informal settlement in the area.

As part of the programme, we supply a hot cereal breakfast as well as a sandwich and hot chocolate lunch. We also have an opportunity to teach the children from the word of God and invite them to accept Christ as their saviour. The programme is very structured and well planned.

The children are showered with love and attention in an effort to make a difference in their lives. Clothing donations are collected throughout the year and these are then given to children who need it most.

There is a palpable build-up of excitement to the last day which is ended with a wonderful hot cooked meal enjoyed by all.

In as much as the children enjoy the five days and are blessed by Gods word and the fellowship, I believe that our members and volunteers benefit most from the blessing that they receive as they act out Gods instruction to love our neighbours as we love Him.

Our Holiday Bible Club 2014 was a huge blessing. All glory to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ for keeping all the children and volunteers safe. Thanks to all who have worked so hard to make this week such a blessing. See all five days pictures below.

Holiday Bible Club 2018 is underway.

DAY 1 – 2nd July 2018

Everyone is very excited and trying their best to keep warm. We still need volunteers and any other support will help but we are ready and looking forward to an awesome week.

HBC 3.5

Kelly-Anne Joseph visited us and gave a very inspiring talk to our teenage girls about “True Beauty” according to Proverbs Chapter 31 and how to choose a good realistic role model. Thanks Kelly-Anne for your investment into the future of our girls.

Total number of Kids for our first day  between Shari Crest and Greyville Primary is 1200 children.We are definitely taking our Holiday Bible Club to the next level, by providing better and more facilities and equipment such as tents and better seating arrangements. This is only made possible by the grace of God who makes your generous donations possible.


DAY 2 – 3rd July 2018 We woke up to the coldest day of winter so far. This however didn’t stand in the way of our intrepid teams at Shari Crest and Greyville Primary. All ready at their posts, eager to be of service. HBC 2.1HBC 2.2


DAY 3 – 4th July 2018 

A glorious winters morning and we are ready for another blessed day. The children are seen here waiting in line to enter the school to receive there morning warm drink.

HBC 3.3HBC 3.4

Hall time is always fun time, where the children have a chance to sing together and enjoy some entertainment with a message. We have done things slightly different this year in that we have the split the groups up so that hall time becomes more manageable.

HBC 3.2HBC 3.1Fellowship through fitness

Pravina Michael (Mrs Common Wealth) and Sharon Stephen (Fellowship through fitness) visited us at Greyville Primary today for a talk and a fitness workout. Thank for your valuable contribution to our children ladies .


DAY 4 – 5th July 2018 

Our penultimate day.

We have a dedicated team who work tirelessly everyday making sure that our kids are fed. Everyday, we are able to cater for all our children, no one goes away without having something to eat. How a small church in Lenasia is able to do this is a miracle.

All praise, honor and glory to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, who makes all things possible.

HBC 4.1HBC 4.2

HBC 4.3Hall Time at Greyville Primary School.


DAY 5 – 6th July 2018

We are at the final day of yet another holiday bible club…

Thank you to all our sponsors, volunteers and prayer warriors who together with the grace of God has made all this possible.

HBC 5.1HBC 5.2HBC 5.3


Holiday Bible Club 2017 Daily Up Dates

Day 1

10 July 2017

By the grace of God we have finally reached this record breaking day. For the first time in the history of our Holiday Bible Club, we are hosting 2 venues simultaneously.

After much prayer and supernatural guidance, lots of support from our church members, sponsors and volunteers we have opened our doors at 9:00am this morning. Pray for us and declare Gods blessing and favour over these coming days.



Day 2

11 July 2017

We are so thankful to be blessed with such awesome, dedicated volunteers without whom this task would be an impossibility. Pictured below is Rev.Vincent Kandan and his wife Indrani together with Aunty Gloria (center),  who is not only the most senior member of our church, but is also the most senior volunteer at the Holiday Bible Club. Thank you Aunty Gloria for your dedication, you are an inspiration to all of us.

This goes to show that there is place for young and old at Holiday Bible Club 2017. Don’t hesitate, we need volunteers now!!!





Day 3

12 July 2017

Well we have reached the halfway point and by the grace of God we are still standing.

Sharicrest is proving to be a real challenge due to the large numbers but we are standing together and managing fine. Well done and thank you to all our awesome volunteers.




Day 4

13 July 2017

News in early this morning was that service delivery protest was severely impacting traffic from Lenasia South to Extension 10 and Greyville. This is causing some concern that our volunteers wont make it to the venues in time. We pray God’s protection over all.

Despite an uncertain start to the day. All volunteers made it to their posts and we had another blessed and successful day.

Day 5

14 July 2017

Looks like another record breaking day ahead.


Well done to Neo on your debut performance. As capt Nemo made a surprise appearance at Greyville, his cousin Neo filled in for him at Sharicrest. After such an awesome performance, I’m sure that Neo is here to stay.

Final attendance :

Greyville 300

Sharicrest 1500

Well done, thank you and God Bless.