Kidz Church: This ministry teaches children from 0 years to an adult class about Gods word, which is broken down for all ages to understand.

Wayside Sunday School: This team runs a wayside sunday school on a sunday afternoon at 14h00. This school is run at the Sharicrest Primary School and caters for mainly kids from the ext 10 area and are treated to Gods word and a meal.

Youth: This ministry is involved with young people from the age of 1 year onwards, teaching Gods word and discussing topics relavant to teenagers.

Cell Groups: A cell group is held by a cell group leader in a specific area. The host of a home invites others in the area to join the meeting which is held on a week night.

Nazarene Missions International: This ministry helps with mission work, like our AIDS FEEDING PROJECT (see special projects), and other projects like that.

Worship Team: This team provides praise and worship at all our services. They meet on a Saturday afternoon at the church to rehearse for the Sunday morning service.

Finance Team: This team handles the finances of the church. They also assist in fund raising and report on all the church’s income and expenses.

Stewards: This team assists with recording of visitors to our sunday morning services. they assist with getting people seated and are in charge of offering collection and setting up for Holy Communion.

Trustees: The trustees manages the church building and ensures that everything is in working order.

Mens Fellowship: This group encourages men to meet every Saturday morning at 06h30 to share ideas, problems, support for issues pertaining to men.

Information Technology: This team managers the information that is displayed on the projector screens.

Intercessory Prayer Group: These are our prayer warriors, they are tasked with praying for the needs of others, the church programme and any other specific prayer request given by the pastor.

Offices and Administration: This team assists the pastor with the day to day running of the church.

Projects: This team assists all other departments with the co-ordinating and logistics of activities and events.

Communication Team: The newsletter, the website and the church’s look and feel fall under the control of this department. It is also tasked with the documenting of special services by means of video and photographic means.This team also works closely with the other departments to creatively advertise their events.

Welcome Team: This department ensures that every person is greeted with a hug, a handshake as they enter our sunday morning service.

Mentorship Programme: This programme aims to assist kids and teenagers with teaching programme, career choices and entrepreneurship advice.

If you would like to find out more about any of these departments please contact us and we will give any information you require. Please call us or email us. See contact us page for contact details.