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Holiday Bible Club 2018 is underway.

DAY 1 – 2nd July 2018

Everyone is very excited and trying their best to keep warm. We still need volunteers and any other support will help but we are ready and looking forward to an awesome week.

HBC 3.5

Kelly-Anne Joseph visited us and gave a very inspiring talk to our teenage girls about “True Beauty” according to Proverbs Chapter 31 and how to choose a good realistic role model. Thanks Kelly-Anne for your investment into the future of our girls.

Total number of Kids for our first day  between Shari Crest and Greyville Primary is 1200 children.We are definitely taking our Holiday Bible Club to the next level, by providing better and more facilities and equipment such as tents and better seating arrangements. This is only made possible by the grace of God who makes your generous donations possible.



DAY 2 – 3rd July 2018 We woke up to the coldest day of winter so far. This however didn’t stand in the way of our intrepid teams at Shari Crest and Greyville Primary. All ready at their posts, eager to be of service. HBC 2.1HBC 2.2



DAY 3 – 4th July 2018 

A glorious winters morning and we are ready for another blessed day. The children are seen here waiting in line to enter the school to receive there morning warm drink.

HBC 3.3HBC 3.4

Hall time is always fun time, where the children have a chance to sing together and enjoy some entertainment with a message. We have done things slightly different this year in that we have the split the groups up so that hall time becomes more manageable.

HBC 3.2HBC 3.1Fellowship through fitness

Pravina Michael (Mrs Common Wealth) and Sharon Stephen (Fellowship through fitness) visited us at Greyville Primary today for a talk and a fitness workout. Thank for your valuable contribution to our children ladies .



DAY 4 – 5th July 2018 

Our penultimate day.

We have a dedicated team who work tirelessly everyday making sure that our kids are fed. Everyday, we are able to cater for all our children, no one goes away without having something to eat. How a small church in Lenasia is able to do this is a miracle.

All praise, honor and glory to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, who makes all things possible.

HBC 4.1HBC 4.2

HBC 4.3Hall Time at Greyville Primary School.



DAY 5 – 6th July 2018

We are at the final day of yet another holiday bible club…

Thank you to all our sponsors, volunteers and prayer warriors who together with the grace of God has made all this possible.

HBC 5.1HBC 5.2HBC 5.3


hbc 2018 social media 1



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